Eta Kappa Chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity at San Diego State was chartered on February 23, 1963, with the backing of the former San Diego Sigma Nu Alumni Club.  The San Diego Sigma Nu Alumni Club was started about 1921 and any Sigma Nu alumnus in the San Diego area could join it.  At some points they had several hundred members.  Their monthly dinners featured local speakers and some were held at unusual places such as the police pistol range or on an aircraft carrier.  Their ladies enjoyed their periodic social affairs.  As San Diego State College began to grow, right after World War II the Alumni Club, and especially Arthur C. Wells, a bank executive, became interested in sponsoring a Sigma Nu chapter at San Diego State.  Right after WWII many local fraternities and sororities were founded at San Diego State.  The Sigma Nu Alumni Club recommended to the national fraternity three or four different local fraternities during the 1948 to 1952 period.  In each instance their request was declined by the High Council.  San Diego State was a teachers college, a commuter school and wasn’t the type of college being sought for expansion at that time.           


    By complete chance, in 1960 the San Diego Sigma Nu Alumni Club of San Diego learned of a new local fraternity at San Diego State named Sigma Delta Phi.  One of the Alumni Club members, Past Regent Edward H. Hashinger, visited the young men of the local fraternity and it changed history.  The short story is that Dr. Hashinger and others worked to obtain the interest of Richard R. Fletcher, the Executive Secretary of Sigma Nu Fraternity, and on February 23, 1963, Sigma Delta Phi became Eta Kappa Chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity.  


    The early alumni of Eta Kappa and the San Diego Sigma Nu Alumni Club merged together as the Eta Kappa Alumni Chapter which was officially recognized by Sigma Nu in 1964.  Eventually the members of the San Diego Alumni Club dropped out.  The Eta Kappa Alumni Chapter operated for years but a time came when it ceased operations.  The charter was put on inactive status by the National Fraternity.


    In November, 2011, a small group of senior alumni petitioned the High Council for revival of the charter and it was granted later in the month.  The renewed Alumni Chapter is built on a different concept than the original version.  Today it seeks to take advantage of modern technology so that members can live anywhere on the globe and take part in many aspects of the organization.  It was not reformed to be primarily a social club, but instead, a strong support component of Eta Kappa.  Members have the opportunity to be involved through volunteering to work on various long term and periodic projects. Members receive periodic newsletters about what is happening within their chapter and, currently, also matters pertaining to the planned lifting of the Eta Kappa active chapter charter suspension in the fall semester of 2016.


    Today the Alumni Chapter is working to build its membership, working to develop better communications with its membership, and seeking to provide camaraderie events for its members.  An important role it plays is the lead organization working to reactivate the Eta Kappa charter and return Eta Kappa to being a recognized fraternity at San Diego State.


    Currently the Alumni Chapter sponsors the annual Eta Kappa Annual Alumni Breakfast on the Sunday nearest to February 23 (our founding date as a Sigma Nu chapter). When there is once again an active chapter, it is likely that the Active Chapter and the Alumni Chapter will co-share responsibility for the Annaul Alumni Breakfast. 


    The goals of the Eta Kappa Alumni Chapter include assisting the new collegiate chapter members in building a Sigma Nu Rock Chapter; becoming a highly respected leader in the Greek system at San Diego State University; and supporting the new active chapter in becoming a scholastic leader.  “Ethical Leadership” and the “Pursuit of Excellence” are both at the top of the list for the new active chapter and also the Alumni Chapter.  Alumni Chapter representatives are working to maintain a positive relationship with San Diego State University, a working relationship with Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc., a supportive relationship with Montezuma Mesa Properties, Inc., the house corporation, and, most important, it is the lead organization working to return an active chapter to San Diego State University.       


    In honor of the San Diego Sigma Nu Alumni Club’s role in founding Eta Kappa Chapter, the bylaws of the Eta Kappa Alumni Chapter allow Sigma Nu alumni from other chapters living in the San Diego area to join the organization as Associate Members.  They can participate in all activities and meetings but do not have a vote and cannot hold office but they can serve on committees and enjoy all social functions.  We look forward to Associate Members joining with us and adding their own unique perspectives and personal talents to our organization.